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Payment Options

An Explanation of Fees

The standard fees charged by our rooms are in line with the Australian Medical Association recommended fee schedule. The Schedule Fee was introduced by the Federal Government as Medicare in 1973 and has increased annually by amounts usually less than one percent.  The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has also set a scale of fees to be used as a guide for medical practitioners around Australia. This rises with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annually but does not account for large rises in items such as indemnity insurance. There has been a significant divergence between the two fees over the years and this results in a gap between specialist fee and the fee which is reimbursed by the government or private health funds.

Please ask if you have any questions about fees prior to consultations and surgery to avoid potential misunderstandings. These fee explanations can cover:

  • Consulting Fee
  • Surgical Fee
  • Treatment Estimates

Other Possible Additional Areas of Service

There may be other charges involved in your care depending on which course of action you choose. You need to also check with your health fund to see what is covered for additional areas of service. Potential areas of cover are:

  • Hospital
  • Surgical Assistants
  • Implants or Prosthesis
  • Anaesthetics
  • Tests (Radiology, Pathology)
  • Pharmacy
  • Post-Operative Care


We offer informed financial consent to all our patients prior to surgery. This is a pre-treatment estimate of your surgical costs.

Private Patients Overview

If you choose to be treated as a private patient, you will be treated at a hospital that Dr Hossam Elzeiny is affiliated to or is a visiting medical specialist. After discharge, your care will be carried out in his private rooms.

Private Health Insurance

Depending on your level of cover, some health funds require you to pay an excess. We are not responsible for these costs but our staff will do their utmost to guide you to better understanding.

For Intrauterine Insemination and IVF

Fees related to assisted reproductive technology are dealt with directly by Melbourne IVF. Dr Elzeiny’s rooms are not involved in the billing of these services.

Doctor Referrals

To receive the Medicare component of your invoice, you must have a current referral to your Specialist from your General Practitioner (GP) valid for 12 months or a referral from a Specialist valid for 3 months. Please ensure your referral does not expire during your cycle. If your referral is out of date at commencement of your cycle you will not be eligible for any Medicare funding. It is your responsibility to maintain a current referral.

Safety Net

Medicare runs a Safety Net program for all Australian residents. This means, once your out-of-pocket, out-of-hospital medical expenses exceed the Safety Net threshold in a calendar year, you will be rebated a portion of those expenses by Medicare.

This program was recently overhauled by the government and all item numbers relating to Assisted Reproductive Technology have been capped. This means a maximum amount of money (referred to as the cap) will be rebated to you per cycle and this amount may vary with subsequent similar cycles in the same calendar year.

Please contact our rooms on (03) 9416 1767(03) 9416 1767 for any further enquiries you may have